in the pipeline:


Stuart R Dennis, Anamaria Štambuk, Dorotea Polović, Maja Šrut, Víctor Soria-Carrasco, Zachariah Gompert, Vid Baković, Goran Klobučar, Patrik Nosil (in prep). The blueprint of genomic architecture:  does adaptation involve genetic trade-offs?

Dorotea Polović*, Stuart R Dennis, Anamaria Štambuk, Maja Šrut, Víctor Soria-Carrasco, Zachariah Gompert, Vid Baković, Goran Klobučar, Patrik Nosil. (in prep). Genetic architecture of morphological traits in the Mediterranean mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis.

Anamaria Štambuk, Stuart R Dennis, Dorotea Polović, Maja Šrut, Víctor Soria-Carrasco, Zachariah Gompert, Vid Baković, Goran Klobučar, Patrik Nosil (in prep).  Experimental genomic tests for pollution driven rapid evolution in the Mediterranean mussel.


Stick insects:

Rüdiger Riesch, Romain Villoutreix, Aaron Comeault, Moritz Muschick, Victor Soria-Corrasco, Doro Lindtke, Stuart R Dennis, Rebecca Safran, Zach Gompert, Jeff Feder, Regine Gries, Bernard J. Crespi, Gerhard Gries, and Patrik Nosil (in prep)  Stick insect speciation driven by natural and sexual selection on a communication system.

Moritz Muschick, Zach Gompert, Victor Soria-Corrasco, Stuart R Dennis, Tom Parchman, Jeff Feder, Bernie Crespi, Patrik Nosil (in prep). Adaptive peak shifts and genomic diversity shape stick-insect radiation.

Moritz Muschick, Victor Soria-Corrasco, Stuart R Dennis, Aaron Comeault and Patrik Nosil (in prep) Host plant adaptation and genomic divergence in the radiation of Timema stick insects



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