Mechanisms of adaptation

Environments change in space and time, and responses to environmental conditions can occur through several processes.  Over longer time scales changes in the DNA sequence are the primary process, but sometimes changes also occur without modification of the genomic sequence. One way organisms can respond to changing environments without resorting to changing genomic sequence is by altering gene expression.  In this project, led by Professor Owen Petchey at the University of Zürich, we examine changes in gene expression in the clonal eukaryotic microorganism Tetrahymena thermophila at different phases of population growth. My role is to perform the bioinformatics for the RNAseq (transcribed DNA) data and compare expression profiles between samples collected at different stages of population growth.  In this project I take advantage of the availability of a complete, well-annotated genome sequence and well established pipelines for analysis of RNAseq data.


Project collaborators:


Owen Petchey (Zürich)

Paul Hurd (Queen Mary University London)

Jessica Stapley (Sheffield)

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