Well here is my first blog post-

I will populate these pages with a variety of “interesting” things.  By that, I mean interesting to me…


What do I do on a blog? of what shall I blog?  every blog needs a theme doesn’t it, or does it?  Can’t it be just a log of stuff, like that doodle pad that was kept by the phone.  remember when a phone was plugged into a wall and if you wanted to use “the” phone thats where you had to go?  Then along came more than one phone in each house, then mobile phones, then the intenet.  Now my mother (hi mum!) is figuring out howto use Skype from her TV!  seriously “change the channel soI can talk to…”!  what was I talking about?  i’m so old, i remember a life before mobile phones, before the internet, before wifi, before smartphones.  I remember a life less…damn i’m easily distracted.

Back to that doodle pad next to the phone…there was no constant theme to the conversations that took place on the phone, and neither was there a theme to the doodles in the pad.  If you felt the need to write something down you just did.  No thinking about what else was onthe pad, just write what you needed to write.  or draw, or doodle.

Well this blog is going to be a lot like that doodle pad. My blog shall be about whatever takes my fancy at the time.  Sure, most posts will likely be about research things that , but I also have a strong interest in photography, about travelling, what annoys me, fighting with my inner child, . I go to the gym a bit and lift heavy things so I might post about what Im doing there, more as a record for myself of what im doing there and thinking about (I approach most things in my life from a pretty scientific view).  I’ll probably also post things like a few recipes and other bits and pieces  Mostly I go to work and play with very large datasets that I create by measuring very small things, that will be most definitely blogged about.


Now, time to figure out what to do with this site…

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